Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ireland 2012, Part 6: The Fil-Irish Wedding

I have so few photos to share for the wedding day mainly because I was actually participating and not just a guest, harhar. Also, there are usually fewer photos when my husband has the camera. He's really not that kind of artist.

I love you anyway, darling. :D

I don't know why but I get so much more emotional with other people's weddings. I didn't cry a single tear at mine, much to our photographer's dismay--and likely to our make-up artist's relief. (LOL!) But I cried at both of my best friends' weddings, especially at this one, the one that happened in Ireland, because if you track back on all the entries labelled Ireland 2012, you'll see the kind of stress that my best friend (and really, everyone else involved) went through.

Well, let's get cracking on the few photos I managed to take.

First up, at the bride's suite at the Merrion Hotel, a few shots of the preps (obviously not on myself) and little sneaky-sneak photos of the bride behind the official photographer's back--literally.

Make-up artist to all the ladies in the entourage was Ara Fernando, whose artistry I first witnessed when she did our make-up all the way back in 2009. Assisting her was the bride's friend, Belinda Paas (shown here putting on my fellow Matron of Honour's makeup), who is currently completing her own make-up artistry courses.

Look out the window behind them. See the sunlight? Don't be fooled. It must have been about 5ÂșC out there!

I don't have a solo of Che but I couldn't resist posting this fierce look from bridesmaid Ish with her Selena Gomez inspired hair. On the right is the two of them together, though. In later photos, if there are any, you'll see me wearing the necklace Che has on. I'd very smartly forgotten to bring a necklace and since my husband wasn't able to find me a substitute, the mother-of-the-bride asked Che to lend me hers so both of us matrons would match the same way the two bridesmaids do.

Gosh, matrons. So old sounding, haha!

Two of my favourite dramatic photos of the bride--mildly retouched (added a dark vignette type frame to both)--that were, as I mentioned, taken from behind the photographer, Bahag de Guzman's back.

I'd say this is probably a very rare shot of a professional photographer in action as he leads the bride towards the spot where he wants to take her photo.

A beautiful smile from the bride but actually, my subject was the photographer. ^^; Sorry, love.

The operative word that morning was tiis-ganda--literally "suffering in the name of/for the sake of beauty." Everyone looked happy and comfy but the truth was that we were all freezing, haha!

As always, the expert of self portraits takes the shot. I don't know what kind of expression I was going for exactly; All I know is that I look silly. XD

I have photos of the ring bearer and the mother of the bride, unfortunately, they're very blurry so I didn't want to post them. >.< Here's the rest of us walking down the aisle though:

I swear I thought I was smiling but apparently I wasn't. I did the same thing at my wedding although at the time, my main concern was to not cry. (Again, sorry, Noel. =P I know you were waiting for me to crack.)

And of course, the bride. :D

Of the three of us, she was the only one to walk down the aisle with her veil over her face. And I was the only one not to wear white. XD I'm suddenly thinking of what Millet's "only" was...

Anyway, moving forward now to the vows and rings. Yes, I cried. Thankfully, I had some tissue on me.

And just one last photo because the groom, Darren, was so cute in this one.

My mum, just last weekend, suddenly blurted out, "Wow, all three of you are already married!" Meaning me and my two best friends. Who knew that those little girls who became friends on the school bus would still be best friends up to now, eh?

PS I know I didn't share any photos from the reception here; they're mostly of food anyway, hahaha. But I'll post them later on in the albums. ^_^


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    1. Thanks so much! Sorry it took so long to reply--I happened to be generally offline at the time you posted. Glad to know my little daily things are helpful to others. :)



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