Friday, 29 June 2012

Getting into Character

Let's open with the statement that I am not yet a proper actor. Not yet.

I've been told, however, that I can create very convincing characters.

 She is, by far, my most amusing character, not the least reason for which is the fact that I based her looks almost entirely on myself (hence the hyper edited image of yours truly, a side by side for which can be found here) and her personality is a combination of several existing characters I'd created before plus some new details. Hey, I was put on the spot, okay? XD

She was actually created in response to the need for a substitute handler for an activity booth and having no desire to man the booth as myself, I made her up on my way to the area where I was requested to be. If you're from UP Diliman, that means a brisk walk from one end to the other of the Beta Way.

She has, however, managed to endear herself to me. So much so that I would readily get into her shoes if and when asked. Like on Monday. I have spent most of this evening planning what she will look like on the day.

Oh and I have plotted the general movement of her entire life too. And thanks to a co-writer for the series, I now have full awareness of the universe they're moving in.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures on Monday. Of the group of characters. Me in "costume". That sort of thing.

And hey, if you're reading this because you personally know me and you also know about CCC, she has a blog. It's right here.

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