Monday, 29 June 2015

Why is being a parent suddenly a war of methods?

NOTE: I have not blogged much since the birth of my son. At some point, perhaps, I shall retrospectively post a little more on the journey, both the joyful and harrowing parts of it, but for now, I think I want to finish this post that I began long ago.

I've never read Macchiavelli but I am aware of the tenet most famously attributed to him.

There can be multiple means to a single end and in the case of parenting, one never really knows what good or bad was done until the child in question has reached adulthood. On the average anyway. 

I am siding with those people who say "Parenting is hard enough."

Sunday, 28 June 2015

I finally found enough energy to speak again

This is not to say that my days have passed quietly. It only means I have chosen to conserve as much energy as I can that I may continue as I need to.

Let me begin by saying new moms like me? We get the short end every time. Really. More experienced moms will tell you "it will pass". It. Never. Does.

Lots of things happen in a year.

And I recently realised I'd not been properly caring for myself and my sanity.

So next on my blog agenda (blogenda? Not quite so catchy.) is to revive Fab Friday. I've discovered a new format/layout for my product shots that I really like--possible issues with colours but I really like it so...that's that.

Motherhood deals with a lot of sacrifices, some times ones parents use to induce guilt in offspring--don't worry, Llew, I won't do that to you--but almost always ones that can either be lightened by sharing with your partner or simply by making time for myself.

I just happen to be one of those people. The kind who needs a little time off alone to keep from going insane. That my son has wanted to be by my side more than ever is difficult for me because it allows me little time to just sit back quietly and reflect on things. So I've set a schedule with my husband: three hours in a day for me to work and relax by myself. DND (Do Not Disturb) unless it's an emergency that only I can handle.

Today's soft Fab Friday revival is another revival: my obsession with nail colours.

This is my new collection of nail polish sets. All from Etude House which carries no certification but according to this article ( has been cruelty-free since May.

NOTE: It seems Etude House itself is cruelty-free but AmorePacific, it's mother company, was not. They began working with Cruelty-Free International in March 2013 and pushed through with the elimination of animal testing in May 2013.

Clockwise from top left (corresponding nail colour names running from left to right):

1. Juicy Cocktails Gradation Nails #7 Peach Crush (Calm Peach, Exuberant Peach, Bright Peach)
2. Juicy Cocktails Gradation Nails #8 Lime Squash (Refreshing Lemon, Thrilling Lime, Tangy Lime)
3. Pumpkin Moonshine Party Nails #2 Witch Violet (Witch Yellow, Witch Violet, Witch Deep Sparkle; comes with a Halloween themed sticker sheet)
4. Help My Finger Matte Top Coat
5. Shining Dream Twinkle Nails #1 Delight Holiday (Delight Gold, Red & Gree Pearl, Deep Red; comes with a silver party-themed sticker sheet)
6. Pumpkin Moonshine Party Nails #1 Pumpkin Yellow (Pumpkin Lemon, Pumpkin Orange, Pumpkin Gold Sparkle; comes with a Halloween themed sticker sheet)

Now, let me say that I am no nail polish expert. In fact, I call myself a nail polish disaster waiting to happen, mainly from my strange habit of putting on nail polish just when I'm about to do major housework like the laundry or some form of massive cleaning. On the bright side, it protects my nails from damage. ;)

So now I'm conducting experiments on what to do with my nail polish. I'll try and remember to take step by step photos. I'm quite enjoying playing around with the colours.

PS The best part about these sets? They're tiny bottles. It's a collection of colours in small amounts--perfect for fickle polish users like me!


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