Friday, 28 June 2013

Mid-year Celebration

We have survived six months. My son has reached a milestone--the first half of his first year of life has gone by in what feels like an instant and at the same time, millennia.

This tiny human. He was born in December and with two mighty totems in his name, he literally set the household in an uproar, especially since his arrival was technically two weeks early.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Feed anywhere versus finding the breastfeeding station

Just a quick one and no, no photos because I have no memory left for photos!

I am a feed anywhere breastfeeding mom. My baby gets hungry, I cover up with my nursing cover, bring out the boob and let him latch. Wherever I might be.

Oh but today I had to make the effort. Why? Noisy mall weekend and there were so many people at the food court, the air conditioning barely made a dent in heat reduction. My little dragon was so sweaty he left a wet spot on the carrier's head rest.

So we went in search of the family lounge where, I was told, a very comfortable breastfeeding station could be found.

They were not kidding! A swivel, winged armchair, a footstool, and best of all, both were in a roomy private cubicle. Very posh, in my opinion. And the lights are set off by motion sensors--hands-free, ladies!

So if you are ever in the neck of the woods known as TriNoMa, give yourself and your little one a treat. Breastfeed in the Breastfeeding Station. It's quiet, private, and COLD. Very, very comfy.

The Breastfeeding Station is located inside the Family Lounge on the 3rd level of TriNoMa, beside Sony.

This post was brought to you by Tegwyn, my beloved iPhone.


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