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I always thought those year-ender things magazines and other media have were cute so why not have one on my blog?

This is a little portion of my corner of the Interweb where I'll post a kind of "a year in my life" series, photo style. I've realised that there may sometimes be no way to leave out photos of family and friends so sometimes, there might be a few faces here and there, depending on whether or not they say yes to being shown here. ^_^

The pages have now been formatted to show just thumbnails. Each thumbnail links to the larger image. I'm learning now to refine how the larger (full) image will show up but meantime, it's just a simple direct link to each larger version.

Cranes, Monday 19 March
A Story: There was a little girl who gave my husband these cranes. Her father asked me to post this so she remembers. She's lost and he's waiting for her to come home. There are no contact details to be shared; she knows where to reach him. She's not so little anymore and the day of her homecoming is between her and her father. He just wanted to remind her that he is waiting and will wait as long as she needs him to.

A Birthday PAWrty, Saturday 10 March
More appropriately called Kazu's "Adoption Anniversary," he went for a visit at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center to celebrate his adoption day, 1 March 2011, with lots of food, petting and cuddles from everyone.

The first set of photos from our weekend work retreat in Cavite. More to come soon--there are really too many to post in one go!

PAWS for Cookies, Saturday 4 February
Today is the first Philippine Animal Welfare Society Volunteer Orientation for 2012 and I baked cookies! Or well, I'm still baking. The oven is taking its sweet time heating up. I wonder if it's feeling the chill of the February air? Anyway, I got done rather late but still in time for our mini food sale but things got so busy I forgot to take pictures! Ah well. As a bonus, I'll also be including some photos of me with our "Office Administrator!"

The Wedding Weekend, Saturday 21 January
My husband's cousin got married over the weekend. The celebration began in San Juan, Batangas, at the San Juan Nepomuceno Church and ended with dinner, drinks, and an overnight stay at the Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas.

Welcoming 2012, Saturday 31 December 2011 to Sunday 1 January 2012

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