Friday, 28 June 2013

Mid-year Celebration

We have survived six months. My son has reached a milestone--the first half of his first year of life has gone by in what feels like an instant and at the same time, millennia.

This tiny human. He was born in December and with two mighty totems in his name, he literally set the household in an uproar, especially since his arrival was technically two weeks early.

I was not prepared. The house was a mess and, Lord help me, still is. With two other queens in the house, this is unacceptable. In this Queen's eyes, the dirt and mess, kept at a reasonable level, can wait; I have my son to tend to.

This was when he first came home and then three months after, if memory serves. We ought to take a similar photo again. How he has grown and so have we.

We respond to his needs in a snap. He has become known to many as a very happy baby.

We practice kangaroo care. He breastfeeds directly all the time and is either worn or carried. At half a year, he is only just beginning to find his personal space by learning that the playpen is a safe environment that is still close to Mum and Dad.

We co-sleep. He is exposed to various environments, especially the ones his parents go to. He is exposed to noise and crowds and animals. He has been to the farm.

I have had my share of detractors for exposing him thus, especially to the family pets. But he is placed in no danger and the exposure will eventually teach him to value all life.

We have arrived at a milestone. It has been six months.

This post was brought to you by Tegwyn, my beloved iPhone.

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