Friday, 5 July 2013

So apparently this is it

I now firmly believe that mothers really ought to have support groups. Really.

I shared some thoughts I've been having to a group of ladies, nearly all complete strangers, in my mommy group on Facebook. And it seems my suspicions were correct--this is indeed me fighting hard to stop myself from falling into postpartum depression (PPD).

My thoughts are too disorganized at the moment to share any further thoughts on the matter. Not to mention the research a post such as this would require.

This is just to say, at least for now, that mothers out there who feel they may be overreacting to things, find themselves randomly bursting in tears, feeling they want to just tell the world to sod off and then curl up in bed...speak up! Talk to someone.

Remember you are not crazy. You're simply being a mom, and mothers are human too.

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