Sunday, 1 April 2012

This may be my last entry for the next three weeks

My husband and I will be flying to Ireland soon. This isn't just for our honeymoon. Actually--shh...don't tell him I said this--the more pressing matter at hand is that we're flying to Ireland for my best friend's wedding! Any other touristy thing achieved during the trip is purely collateral. ^_~

It's been a very stressful past month and at the risk of sharing too much information, my primary proof of the stresses of the past week is the fact that this month's cycle took nearly 40 days to complete. I didn't even realise it had been that long until I started counting.

That said, I am now attempting to relax so that I can more easily gauge what things we need to pack. I haven't left the country since 2003 when I attended another wedding, that of my very dear friend and beloved Sister, Lismore Mama. Come to think of it, the past three out of the country trips I've had were for weddings. My cousins' and my sister. I'll keep things simpler and just keep calling her my sister.

These are the books that are my attempt at R&R this evening. I'm actually almost ready to move on to Mockingjay--I'm on the last chapter of Catching Fire--and meantime, I've started on The One Hundred. I can't say that Nina Garcia is my fashion icon because I have no fashion icons really. But I love her. She's awesome at styling. And Suzanne Collins' Panem is my new obsession, haha.

I don't even know right now what to share, given that the past weeks have been such a blur. I still have to go back to those posts I promised I'd make. Perhaps if I do manage to sneak in buying an iPad2 before we fly off I can keep up the posting though possibly not the photos.

Would anyone like to lend me a laptop? Hahaha.

It's always been so difficult for me to keep up blogging. It's annoying. And keeping up with the daily photos too. It upsets me that I haven't been as faithful to keeping this promise to myself as I would like. But we keep trying, yes we do.

I've also been developing some new skills.

I don't think I need to say what skill I'm trying to develop.

This is actually me in "costume" for a character I played about a year ago for a college web comic we dubbed "Campus Comic Chase." I couldn't find an appropriate model/actress for the character I created so I decided to modify my own face and features to suit the character in question. I say this to emphasize and clarify that I am not developing this skill out of vanity. I would not post this side by side image if it were for that purpose. Mind, I'm still not finished. The goal is to turn this photo into a slightly more cartoonish image. You can see the beginnings of this already.

If you're curious about the character, she can be found here. If you're familiar with my work, you'll recognise elements of some characters I previously created in her. This is because I'd come up with her basic profile (name, traits, family, that sort of thing) just ten minutes before she came into play. Long story.

That said, I think there is actually hope that I will get an iPad2. I've been dithering on it simply because I am not entirely sure it will satisfy my needs. I've done some research though and I'm happy that there are adapters that I can use so if all goes well, I may actually go ahead and get one. Fingers crossed.

So...this will be an early "see you soon" just in case I can't find it in me to post again for whatever reason. And here's hoping that, upon our return, I'll be blogging and taking photos regularly again!


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    1. Can't afford it right now unfortunately (both as far as finances and time spent away from home) but it is definitely on the bucket list. He wants to see Australia too and I do want to go back and, of course, see you guys. Plus we are seriously considering a dual citizenship with Australia being the alternate. Or whatever it's officially called. Or at least he is. I told him to be the one to read/research on it.

      When we do visit I think I'm going to aim for spring. That's August, right?



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