Thursday, 5 April 2012

Five days to Ireland

I'm actually nervous as heck. This time around I have no checklist to follow and I'm packing for myself and my husband purely based on what I remember bringing when I was last in Europe.

Oh boy.

We spent a good chunk of our budget on the visa, tickets, hotel booking, and attire. The good news is that I still have a great deal of spring items. My husband, not so much and we had to run around the malls looking for winter/spring wear when the season is transitioning into summer.

Thank you, Lord, for Greenhills where they match their wares to the possibility of people leaving the country for cooler climes.

Definitely God has allowed us this respite. After getting our visa denied the first time around and fervent hopes that we would be granted the visas upon appeal, one has only hindsight to use to figure for the reason behind His wisdom.

Makes one wonder, at the same time, what the enemy will have in store. Nothing they can throw that will catch us by surprise, I think. It sounds arrogant but some things surrendering just prepares you for.

Ah and before I finish the post, I find out what the source of my distress will be/is.

Sometimes I wish there was a cap on how much concern people can show others and a limit to how much they can get stressed and/or worry for others.

No matter. We fly in two nights' time. To cooler climes!

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