Friday, 1 June 2012

Blog Maintenance #5: Blog Schedule

I can't believe I'm actually making one. Correction: that I've actually made one.

This is seriously one of those sure-fire signs that my psychological state isn't at its peak. Thankfully, I don't turn to food disorders. I just try to get things that are in disarray back into place.

Progress has been slow on that front but there is progress. It gets tiresome when you're trying to do your own thing and you have to mind the entire rest of the house. I so admire those mums (working or stay at home) who do it all by themselves. Seriously. I'm still learning how I can get a handle on all of this stuff.

I've very nearly lost control of my temper multiple times. The bad news here is that when my anger isn't so deep, I can get violent which would not be good, not if I'm going to deal with the help.

It may really be worth a thought to automate whatever we can in our household so we'll have just one really good, skilled helper. My skills in managing certain types of employees is really just...bad. No, terrible. I really need people skills.

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