Friday, 15 June 2012

Fat Mum Slim's June Photo A Day: Photo Dump

I've been very frustrated with my internet connection lately hence the failure to post my photos daily despite taking them daily. >.<

Since I post my daily photos in their original size, I've put them behind the cut. :D

On the 11th, I was considering taking a picture of the main entrance to our house when I figured, why go for a literal door? And so, this is my take on Door

Since I generally work from home (work ranging anywhere from research, article writing, and disciplining myself in keeping my blogs alive) this is the most logical door I could think of taking a picture of because it is almost literally my door to the rest of the world.

Those tabs and the carefully categorised bookmarks are just a small sample of the things I do online besides work, blog stuff, Facebook and Twitter. =P

This is my cat Ming-chi.

I wanted to post a photo of my dogs but they refused to sit still for a proper From a Low Angle photo for the 12th.

Day 13 was a very good day for me in general but it took a while for me to decide what to post for Art. Until I remembered this painting

 There as been no copyright infringement here. If you look behind my photo signature, you'll see my nine-year-old signature. Yes, this is my very own oil painting. It's my favourite of all my oil paintings but not one that I take particular pride in since some portions of it were retouched by my art teacher.

The background story for it is that it was supposed to be an entry to a competition held by a bank in Singapore. When I found out that I wouldn't be getting my painting back if I win (it would, of course, be hanging on their wall) I decided to withdraw my entry, haha! Prestige versus keeping something I worked hard on--no contest!

I found out yesterday that the organisation where I volunteer, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, has been nominated for the Globe T@tt Awards. This photo was actually taken just this morning, to be honest, but this was my Time activity for the 14th: watching the countdown so I could vote again! (You can vote once every hour. If you would like to vote for PAWS, please do! Go to the site and just follow the instructions. :D)

OMG, I just noticed how messy my nail was when I took the photo! XD It's neater now I promise, but I just had to take this Yellow photo before I forgot!

I'm not particularly fond of the colour yellow (nothing to do with the current Philippine president though I'm not particularly fond of him either) but something about this Tweety bird yellow polish just made me fall in love with it.

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