Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Never too late

Of course maintenance is very important but life just doesn't always happen the way we want it to.

This past weekend has been dedicated to cleaning up our home office which, finally, looks a bit closer to a home office again.

The truth is while I can be quite obsessive about how my things are arranged, where everything is placed, and all of that, I was never a very tidy person.

I suppose I can partly chalk this up to growing up with someone always picking up after me. If you've never had to lift a finger for your toys to instantly go back to the proper containers, clothes to neatly appear hung or folded up in your closet, and other odds and ends to disappear from view, ready for the next activity, you must know what I'm talking about. Right?

Okay, so I might quite possibly be completely alone on this one.

I suppose most children would have had some form of chore or might have been taught this particular discipline more than I was. Or I could simply just have been a lazy child.

I remember attempts to teach me responsibility in this aspect of life. The various containers and boxes to help me put things together however I deemed fit. Except the only place I ever seemed to manage to be organised in any form were my bookshelves and computer files.

It's funny now how I can't stop obsessing over how I'm going to overcome this particular shortcoming. Perhaps it's the idea that I will have my own little ones someday and I don't want them to have a mum who tells them one thing and does another.

I shan't hide the fact that I'm as messy as heck to them.There is still a method to the madness, just that it's not always obvious to everyone. But the madness has to be restrained at some point and brought to an order that can be understood by the general populace.

As of today, I have sent about 5kg worth of paper for recycling, recycled two cardboard boxes and turned them into file organisers (photos to follow once I've completed covering up the first one), had our home office floor scrubbed and polished, all the while sorting out bits and pieces to keep and discard.

There must be some sort of psychological explanation for this phenomenon but to me, it's plainly growing up, something I'm well overdue doing. I've finally sorted out what I really want out of life and from myself and the chaos that was prevalent before has to make way for that shiny adult me to show through and shine.

I'm not saying I won't have my moments. I've never been one to completely take myself too seriously and I will crack if I don't have my moments of spouting nonsense and blurting out ridiculous things. I own up, too, to being spacey and have accused myself on more than one occasion of making very little sense for as long as I use my own speaking voice rather than choosing to speak through a fictional creation.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I think this ought to be revised to "You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks on your own time; sometimes they need to learn by themselves."

And that's what I'm doing.

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