Monday, 4 June 2012

Fat Mum Slim's June Photo A Day: 02-04

I missed posting the past two days because my browser suddenly went crazy on me. But I've caught up and now, my June daily photos from Saturday up to today!

Okay, so maybe it's not literally empty but considering this is my office desk and it's this clear, I'd say this is quite Empty. I've just finished cleaning my computer, and my desk, reorganising my desk drawers, and generally getting everything back to where they ought to be. Which brings me to...

...what's still On My Plate. And in case you're thinking it, no, my desk isn't empty because I shoved everything on the couch. Those actually were on the couch to begin with, as much as I loathe to admit it. The only clear space on the couch is the half you can't see in the photo--the one occupied by my cat.

No, she is not part of what's still on my plate.

Speaking of  clean-ups though:

This is a paint brush. Full of cat hair. If you haven't guessed yet that I spent my entire weekend doing some belated spring cleaning, well, this is the ultimate proof of it. This cat hair used to be
  • in between keys on my keyboard
  • blocking the sensor on my optical mouse
  • on top of my desk
  • in the printer paper tray
And yes, that cat hair belongs to the same cat up in the second photo. My husband insists on not allowing pets in the office but I can't resist her mewing and pleading for us to let her in. She likes being with her mum and dad.

So that's my daily photo catch up post. With free story! Hahaha!

Cheers all, and here's to keeping up with the daily photos this month!

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