Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Eat your veggies, among other things

First of all, I know, I know. There's loads still of photos I haven't uploaded or re-uploaded. The internet has not been a very good friend lately so I'm aiming for batch uploading on weekend late nights instead. It'll save me from nightly tears of frustration, I think.


Vegetables. I can't say I'm a huge fan of a lot of them, but I can't say that I dislike my vegetables either. I love vegetable salads, for one thing, and I enjoy a nice vegetarian meal every now and then. Since the beginning of Lent I seem to have unconsciously made a mental note to eat more vegetables. Not fast or give something up. Instead, I chose to eat more vegetables.

Part of me believes that this is a conscious effort to prepare myself for the time when I have my own children and we get to that age when they ask "Why should I eat my veggies?"

I realised last night that a lot of the things I'm doing now, I'm doing in preparation for the children I hope to be blessed with. I've been encouraging my husband to be more active in participating in doing household chores, for one, and teaching him how to hang up laundry and stuff. As I told him last night "I want our son to grow up seeing you do these kinds of things so he doesn't think it's not manly to know how to properly hang laundry."

The thought of raising children and raising them well has been such a driving force in pushing myself to become healthier and really learn to do things that I normally don't. The last thing that I've not gotten to, really, is exercise. I'm just really a fundamentally lazy person. My husband's been helping on that front though. I'm getting some exercise doing the laundry--at least I'm not just sitting in front of the PC anymore--but he's been getting on my case to do more biking, at least. Reading a variety of magazines encouraging women to be more active and love/appreciate themselves more has been somewhat helping. Somewhat.

The fact is we do have very different personalities so attitudes towards exercise and diet (the balanced kind, not the food denial kind) is challenging for both of us. His body craves exercise as it's the only thing that keeps the weight off. I'm lazy and well-known for saying "I'd rather starve myself than exercise."

They say marriage means compromising so I suppose this is one of the compromises.

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