Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My blog is my therapist

If I'm to be completely honest with myself, that is actually true.

I'm not limiting the idea to lying down on a couch and talking forever, mind--though I know I do tend to ramble in my entries when I'm not talking about anything too specific.

That said, seeing my blog as anything therapeutic was hardly the thing on my mind when I first started.

This was how I used to blog. Actually, I still maintain one though it has been converted to mostly a journal for my baby. I have half a dozen notebooks filled with my thoughts and feelings mainly from high school and a bit of college hidden in plain sight that documented things that were important to me at some point long ago.

My husband has yet to find my secret stash though. I know he's very curious. ^_~

When online blogging became available, it also became a way for me to communicate my thoughts to my close/inner circle of friends. It was a way to let them know what's been going on in my life, no matter how few and far between our actual time together might be.

It wasn't until a year or so ago that I realised how even a regular rambling blog like mine could actually be of use to someone somewhere. I think I learned this primarily when I began to write my blog entries on fashion and cosmetics; people seem to be drawn to those. Beyond this, I've also made a few new friends through blogging, and their posts have inspired and enlightened me over the past year.

In the grand tradition of me being obsessive over things, I have decided to use this little notebook--found courtesy of my attempt to clean up--to plot and plan my daily posts. It's a little bit like magazine production now that I think about it, where my posts are pre-planned and -written.

One might say I'm taking this too seriously, but at this point, especially with me falling victim to the psychology of the "pregnancy brain," it's helping me set mini goals per day which seems to be working as far as my attempt to fight off my air-headedness goes.

I said before that I wanted to start this blog so I could practice my nonfiction skills as well as have an online record for my children to view on how their mother has been learning and growing. Things that fascinate me, changes in my life, many of them I've documented and will continue to document here, each one is like a mini adventure and a means to explore my own psyche whilst keeping up with the friends I've made both off and online. Now it has the additional value of helping me cope with and figure out the changes going on in my life as I transition from newlywed to mother.

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