Sunday, 7 October 2012

Daily Photo Challenge

I just dead stopped myself in the middle of my daily photos when I realised it's already October and I hadn't changed topics! Kudos, massive, massive kudos to Fat Mum Slim for really being prepared with topics for her photo challenge, hahaha!

So starting tomorrow, I'm taking daily portraits of my pets. Yeah, I know it's kind of a cop out since I'd been posting some pet photos anyway but the challenge here is for me to not take photos of the same subject on consecutive days.

Now, if you have pets with different temperaments, you can see what a huge challenge this is!

Truth be told, some days I barely even see some of our cats. By "barely" I mean there are days when I see a cat just once the entire day, and this is considering all our cats are either spayed or neutered, and never stray too far from home. Most commonly I'd have portraits of the cats who own me--out of nine, two of them do--and perhaps those whose allegiance is mine--out of the remaining seven, that's five.

The dogs, obviously, I see all the time since they can't leave the property at all. ^_~

So there we go. I think I might try taking daily portraits by age but that simply adds too much of a headache to the challenge so we'll see.

For today, and I don't consider this part of the challenge, I want to share these two photos of our first shelter adoptee, Scotch.

How time flies and how he's changed! I didn't even really notice until I looked back through all the photos on my hard drive.

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