Friday, 12 October 2012

Date Night

Note: This is an old entry reposted from my old blog called Boudoir Angel on Tumblr. I'm reposting all of these old entries because I plan to delete my old blog and consolidate everything to this one. Some posts may have its text updated and/or reformatted slightly according to the platform change.

My fiancé and I were meant to attend a business meeting that night but it was cancelled at the last minute leaving us all dressed and literally nowhere to go. We'd been working on some fairly heavy stuff all day so we decided to make a night of it and went for a dinner date to give ourselves time to unwind and relax.

This look is a result of what I slowly put together as the afternoon progressed, believing we would be on our way to a meeting by evening.

This, boys and girls, is why you should wear powders and bases that are your precise shade. Or it could have been the flash seeing that the image on the left looks a great deal better than the one on the right. Either way, my face looked considerably pale and white compared to my neck. Ghost impressionist, anyone?

This photo taken in the car may actually be proof that yep, I definitely did something wrong with my make-up application. Flash notwithstanding. Perhaps I neglected to apply it to my neck properly?

The product in question is the Myra VitaGlow which I reviewed here and here. Despite my criticism, I naturally kept using the product. I wasn't about to waste a perfectly good tube of product. By the time I had to dispose of it, I still hadn't quite gotten the hang of using it to get the results it advertised. That said, it may have looked different life as my fiancé would have been very quick to point out any distinct colour difference on my skin. He is quite possibly the most brutal make-up judge. No mercy critiquing, that one.

All that aside, this look was brought to you by:

  • Myra VitaGlow
  • Fashion 21 Stick Eye Shadow in Clay
  • The Face Shop Baked Shimmer in Apricot Nuance
  • Ever Bilena Blush in Starlight Shine
  • Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black
  • The Face Shop Lipstick in PP403
  • M.A.C. Matte Lipstick in Diva
And to be fair to the product, for all my whining about the difference in colour between my face and neck, VitaGlow covered beautifully. Sheer, but veils blemishes.

I also want to put a shout out in to one of the local clothing brands, Get Laud: the top I'm wearing, called Sala, was part of their 2010 collection.

Originally posted as Boudoir Angel on Tumblr, 21 January 2011

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