Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dear Bean #5: Preparations

23 July 2012

Dear Bean,

I have been spending time online window shopping for your things and taking note of things I believe you will need. We have to prioritize things so we don't get multiples of things and end up not using them.

It is my opinion that things seem far more simple back in the day. There is a wide variety of choices now that it's though to gauge which things to get and I have to go back on forth between and among different brands and models. Your crib alone is something of a challenge to decide on!

Diapers are another matter. I want you in cloth diapers and I'm eyeing a new (to me) type of nappy that will not only prevent me from sticking pins in your bum but also reduce the number of knick-knacks in your diaper bag. It's admittedly more expensive than the run-of-the-mill cloth diaper but the reduction of knick-knacks and that it ought to fit you until you're a toddler should justify the cost.

I thought I felt your first kicks already. They're unremarkable honestly, but I am convinced it's you. It's not yet a consistent thing but I look forward to it and I think Papa will look forward to feeling you move too.

For now a lot of the things I'm looking at are for myself but soon, we'll likely get things for you already in preparation for your arrival. It is a strange and exciting new journey we'll be taking once you are here.


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