Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dear Bean #8: Prayers

24 August 2012

Dear Bean,

Today, one of your great-grandfathers would have turned 97. We lost him nine years ago but all is well--I know he is with the Lord.

Papa and I have been discussing on and off how we want to raise you and any other children the Lord will grant us with. We are doing our best to get into the kind of mindset we need to and system we have to learn so we can effectively teach you the things we know you won't learn in school.

Part of our prayers for you right now will be encapsulated by your name which is why we are taking our time in choosing.

We constantly pray that the Lord guide us in raising you because you are His gift to us. We don't know how you'll choose to live your life, but we want to do the best we can by you that you may be able to choose well for yourself.


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