Friday, 12 October 2012

From Charlene Fernandez Bobis: Have You Ever Been?

From her Wordpress blog:

I’ve noticed that a lot of people who try to impose their beliefs on others are ignorant of consequences. The belief is often more important than reality. So instead of lecturing at you about something I believe in, I’ll tell you a little story and you can draw your own conclusions. (Keep reading the post...)

This whole RH Bill fiasco (and I do consider it to be one heck of a fiasco) has rather successfully turned the entire country topsy-turvy.

Varying opinions notwithstanding, the very idea that there is even a need for such a law to be passed has been considered ludicrous by some sectors and individuals, not to mention the slew of pro and anti followers who, as mentioned, often try to impose their beliefs on others.

As with the linked blog entry, I am not going to attempt to win anyone over. I'm rather stubborn myself and usually, the harder someone tries to win me over, the harder I fight to prove that person wrong. So I'm not about to waste words or effort in that way.

I will, however, share the following:

#1 What they know
A cousin has a thirteen-year-old who is now studying in a co-ed school. During the course of our conversation, mention was made of the RH Bill. Off-hand I said, "I am willing to bet that she and her batchmates know more than my batchmates--myself being excluded since my mother educated me on the nuances of such matters early--knew at the same age."

Rather emphatically, she nods and says, "I have found things in her saved bookmarks that shocked me. I haven't mentioned finding them to her, I just closed them back up and acted like I didn't see a thing."

We agreed that, as a parent (her) and future parent (me), we cannot at all hope to control what kids our exposed to. But we can guide them and pray they make the right choices for themselves. When the education comes from places we least expect it to, we have to be prepared to roll with the punches and, by the Lord's Grace, be comforted by the fact that we did right by the children we were blessed to care for in His name.

#2 What people think they know

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