Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Weekend Work Retreat #1: Introduction

Physical experiences can count quite a great deal towards life lesson analogies. I have the aching muscles to prove it.

I've never really been one to push myself to go beyond the boundaries I've set in my mind but this weekend has completely broken down all the walls and while I can't say that the walls no longer exist, I can at least go through them now instead of working around them.

I recall declaring several times in the past years that I never want to become a teacher for a multitude of reasons, the most important one being my lack of patience. If I explain something once and it was not understood immediately despite already being in the simplest terms, I get annoyed. Very, very annoyed. And I detest having to repeat myself.

It seems, however, that I actually am being called to teach but not in the conventional classroom setting.

I sound very awed by it--or at least in my head that's the tone of voice I'm using--but I am actually rather pleased and thrilled by the opportunity. Inside my head I'm already plotting and planning the lesson(s) for various age groups, even for mixed age groups.

It is, perhaps, the most excited I've been with the prospect of teaching and I think it has, first and foremost, to do with the topic since this isn't any type of academic setting, more like a full sensory experience.

I learned a lot about myself this weekend and that's the alternate series I'll be posting about here aside from the series of blog entries sharing various hidden details about our wedding. It will be a short-ish one since it only covers two weekends as opposed to an entire year, but I promise it will be just as fun since this is both a text and photo journey. ^_^

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