Friday, 17 February 2012

The secret is in the details #5: Through Faith, Hope, and Love

Allow me to end the week's posts with a cliffhanger.

(c) Noel Salazar, Imagine Nation Photography
I've shown this image before in this entry.

The last line of this prayer encapsulates our entire journey planning for our wedding. I have been slowly sharing what I've been calling the "secret details" of our wedding.

Every single person involved in our year-long preparation was an enormous blessing and many of them have become new friends, something that I had not expected at all.

So far I've blogged about Tito Boy albeit slightly incompletely since I really want to share the sketches he made for the attire of the entire entourage, plus photos of all my lovely ladies in their dresses.

I've also blogged about Noel although that is probably just about a third of what I actually wanted to say about him, the remaining two-thirds being things that I still need to write about and put together.

Most importantly, I've blogged about the beginning of how everything just started falling into place, beginning with that single prayer for a sign to show that we had chosen the right year to seal our relationship.

This has been the core of our relationship for the past three years: Faith, Hope, Love and prayers. Everything with guidance, as we usually say, and our wedding is probably the biggest example of how much stronger and more perfect everything becomes when it is done with complete trust in the Lord's Grace and guidance.

Throughout all the preparations, we were constantly showered by God's blessings and so grateful are we for each and every single one be it in the form of an object or a person. And there are truly so many people we continue to be thankful to have had with us on the day.

I'll continue the stories some time next week. After all, we are talking about one entire year of preparations and there are so many things that I would love to share with everyone, I just need to put them all together bit.

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