Monday, 13 February 2012

The secret is in the details #2: Boy Domingo

There were three suppliers that were at the top of our list when we first decided on our date: the designer, the photographer, and the make-up artist.

This one is about our designer: a very close family friend, Mr. Boy Domingo.

There is no one in the entire world that I would trust more than I trust him for any of my clothing needs and that trust proved to be well-placed when, during the period of the fittings, all the clothes were at least 90% perfectly-fit. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a website so I can't share much more of his work. I'll post as much of all the attire here, however, just because they were all so pretty.

Below is the full sketch of the wedding gown I lovingly call my "Franken-dress" because he'd skillfully put together all the elements I wanted from several different dresses and made my perfect wedding gown.

Below are detail shots of the dress when it was executed.

(c) Gracielle Hernandez, Imagine Nation Photography

For the curious as to why my dress is pink: I never really liked the idea of wearing a white dress, even as a child. When the time came for me to decide on what I wanted to wear, the answer just became so obvious: wear my favourite colour.

As a result, the groom's attire was also on the rosier side of things:

(c) Noel Salazar, Imagine Nation Photography
And just so it isn't all hangers and mannequins, my husband and I in our wedding garb:

My husband with the boys. (c) Gracielle Hernandez, Imagine Nation Photography
Me with my girls. (c) Gracielle Hernandez, Imagine Nation Photography
And by the way, that veil? Originally it was supposed to cover my face as well but after I'd decided on my hairpiece, my hairstylist, Nhot, and make-up artist, Rae, (more on them in another entry) suggested just letting the veil flow down my back to display my necklace hairpiece better (more on that later too). The funny thing here is that I didn't realise how long my veil was until I saw this:

(c) Noel Salazar, Imagine Nation Photography

Yep, they weren't kidding when we said we'd let it flow.

(c) Noel Salazar, Imagine Nation Photography

You can't really see all the dresses here too well, can you? I guess I'll have to pick out better shots of each one. But this is the entire entourage. I had my best friends choose their own designs, the secondary sponsors had the same dress, as did my bridesmaids (they're those two younger girls there in green), and our Bible Bearer had a dress design all her own.

I'm going to try and look for the sketches for all the dresses just so. It's quite exciting to look at the sketches and see them executed.

Next up, a back-to-back entry, so to speak on our photographer and make-up artist!

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