Monday, 20 February 2012

Blog Envy

I'm looking at everyone's blogs and I just can't help thinking "I want my blog to be as pretty!" So I'm going to work on doing precisely that: customising my blog to look, well, different from the auto-themes and designs.

My main inspiration is IHeart Organizing. I just think her blog is so neat and pretty. Fat Mum Slim is also an excellent inspiration. And of course, one of my favourite Tumblogs, What I Wore.

This is probably the most seriously I've taken blogging and with good reason.

When I first showed my husband my new blog I told him that I want to keep up this blog so that when our kids grow up, they can look at my blog and see "Wow, this is what my mum's like!" I want them to see me from all angles, not just the two or so faces of their mother that they speak with everyday because I feel it's important for them to see me as a person and not just a parent or an authority figure.

Most important, I think, in keeping up this blog is for me to remember what I was like. I want to remember the ideas and ideals I had before it all happened. I think I've mentioned several times how important it is to keep learning and growing. I also know that once I am placed in a situation that I only imagined before, I may react differently from how thought I would. I'd like to think that when the time comes for such imagined circumstances, I'll be able to wisely combine both the ideal and the reality.

I learned a lot about parenting over the weekend thanks to some the work I said we were about to do and I'll be sharing some things about that later when I get all my thoughts in order.

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