Thursday, 2 February 2012

Comfort Food

I don't know why but for someone who actually knows how to cook and bake, I can't help but enjoy more the food that was made by someone else.

I mentioned before that I was having a really bad week which, looking back at the week, makes me laugh a bit because that was the same week I'd renamed my blog "My Happily Ever After." Well, no one said "happily ever after" would be perfect and there is a lot of happiness to be found in growing and learning.

I was very a lucky to have received a gift last week of a box of cupcakes from a friend's sister. She was actually the supplier who provided the cupcake souvenirs and cutting cake. It's a bit of a long story how I got those cupcakes--as with some things, we'll reserve that for another time.

Those who know me also know that I bake reasonably well and I have made my share of cupcakes. Unfrosted, yes, but I've made my share of cupcakes. But those heavenly delights from The Bunny Baker (yes, shameless plug right there, it's my blog after all) just gave me so much joy and comfort on those bad days.

Perhaps it's because I didn't have to break a sweat making my comfort food that made it taste so wonderful. After all, I was already feeling quite down. That I would have to put in the effort to make something to comfort myself with.

I find though that I am more comforted by food created from home than those mass produced in large factories.


  1. Does eating barbecued onions count as comfort food? It is homemade, thought slightly charred, but caramelized and crunchy. I love homemade barbecued onions then. Don't know what it reminds me of, but it sure is yummy.

    1. Definitely. Anything qualifies really, in my opinion, as long as it relaxes you and makes you happy. Lately it's been cupcakes for me. I'm getting so flabby I'm gonna cry, haha!



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