Friday, 24 February 2012

Blog Maintenance #3: Image Clean Up Continued

Okay, so I'm still editing the images. I don't know why. I'm just really so obsessed with making everything as uniform as I can manage.

I'm trying to take the automatic copyright thing from the photos so I can just put on the appropriate signatures, watermarks, what have you. I realise too that I've used some images from (I don't have an account but it's okay because I wanted to retain their watermark on each of the borrowed images) which I've resized to fit the 500px width of my own photos. In cases where things get oddly cropped, I opt to keep that little bit at the bottom where they have the image number so people can refer to that when searching for the images I showed.

All that said, I'll likely only be able to continue my post series on Monday. My volunteer work at one of the local shelters, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, will be taking me out of the house for the next two days so I won't really have the time or opportunity to sit down and collect my thoughts properly.

This also means an increase in my entries backlog but who's counting, right?

Who am I kidding, I am counting.

I've got Sunday, I suppose. It doesn't really take me that long to write. What does take long is the image editing and I have a lot of those. Oy vey.

Well, just for the sake of cuteness, I shall leave you with the image of the real boss at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center office. Here's to a weekend of finalizing edits and updates!

Fleur thinks the lowly human looking at her picture should approach with offerings.

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