Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Conversations #3: A back-log collection

After all that serious introspection, I thought I'd put in a little bit of a comedic break.

I've had these conversations with my husband saved to my mobile phone notes for a few months now but I kept forgetting to post them.

I hope these two exchanges will help lighten up someone's evening. Or day, depending on which timezone you're at. ^_^

The Budding Actor, 25 February 2012

Prior to this conversation, we had just gone through a weekend's worth workshop--one of my pending post series--all the way back in February.

Though he normally doesn't consent to acting, my husband agreed to play the part of the gorilla out of manpower necessity: they could only afford to hire our core group and we needed the extra actor.
Him: It's a good thing I hadn't had my hair cut before our gig.

Me: Yep. Though we shouldn't have fought your hair, just let it fall really flat. Emo.

Him: You should ask Tito Boy* to make a gorilla wig since all that can be seen is my face and--wait, what am I saying? Forget I said anything!

Me: Nope, not forgetting. In fact, I'm going to blog it.

Irish Zing, 15 March 2012
By March 15, if you backtrack to my Ireland 2012 entries, we were still unsure whether or not we would actually make it to Ireland at all. So in a more positive light, we began talking about the possibility of trying for a baby (if that phrase suddenly made you think of The Sims, wiggle your toes!).

Bonus: If you read yesterday's entry, you'll realise this is actually even funnier than it had been at the time because I really was already pregnant by the time we were in Ireland but not knowing that I was, I still had my Irish Stout anyway.
Him: If you're pregnant by the time we're in Ireland, you'll miss the Irish Stout**.

Me: But you're not Irish.

* Known affectionately by us as Tito Boy, Boy Domingo has been one of the couturier friends of our family (the other one being Bumbee Ramos, Lord rest his soul) and is quite possibly the one person we would trust for any special attire needs.

** If you're on Facebook and have played Gourmet Ranch, Irish Stout is likely their reference to Guinness.

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