Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The trouble with dogs

I'll be moving my pets blog here eventually but meantime, I will write it down here.

The past few months have been massively hectic for my husband and I. The unfortunate side effect of this was less energy and/or will power to walk the dogs.

This is a picture of two of our boys--for now, the closest we have to children. I will introduce the rest of the brood later on.

These are the happy, satisfied smiles that make me smile because I know that we've been good pet parents to the two of them. I took this after we'd taken them for their morning walk which, back in 2010, we were able to do each morning from Monday to Friday. It helped my husband and I lose weight...well, lose fat I suppose would be the more appropriate term. It also kept our little boys healthy and less hyper.

Lately we've been neglecting this basic bonding time with the boys and it's starting to tell not just on the size of my bum but the amount of time they spend running wildly around the house.

Last night about thirty minutes after dinner, the hubby and I changed into our walking attire. The minute Baxter and Scotch saw us coming down the stairs, they went mad! Just literally barking mad.

I find it amazing how animals learn to read body signals and behaviour, I really do. They could tell that we were getting ready to go walking and both of them bounced around our feet like giant rabbits.

 This is a photo taken all the way back in 2010. I'm using this as my reference because I have no other photos handy.

The definition of a happy dog in this house is one who, after thirty minutes outdoors walking with Mama and Papa, goes to "water" the garden plants, laps up all the water in the water dish, and drops down on the floor panting happily until he (or she) falls asleep.

And that's what they're doing now. Sleeping.

Two very satisfied dogs. I wonder if, perhaps, they are dreaming of the sights and smells of the neighbourhood. They say dogs don't actually have dreams but I honestly believe they do. I don't see how else they can possibly sleep with such satisfied looks on their places.

Until tonight, my little boys. Until tonight.

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