Monday, 23 January 2012

Biding Time

Mind, we're in no hurry to add to our little family of two but there have been talks, mainly my parents and the whole idea of having a child born either in the Year of the Dragon or the Year of the Snake.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I suggest either doing your own research or asking around about feng shui and Chinese zodiacs. Hopefully from a reliable source.

So here we go. The Dragon Child and/or the Snake Child.

It has been said that children born in the Year of the Water Dragon (which began today) and those
born in the Year of the Water Snake (the following lunar year) are or will be very lucky in life.

I don't know about you lot but I personally don't hold too much stock in this. For one thing, life isn't made of luck but choice and it's these choices that have you ending up being blessed or otherwise. Otherwise, let's be clear, being not cursed as most might perceive the opposite of blessed to be, but perhaps on the edge, the line where Hamlet posed the question of "To be or not to be." If we raise our children right--and may the Lord bless us with the wisdom we need to do so--we will have children who can discern God's will for them and make their choices accordingly.

Going back to the matter of zodiacs though, if I'm going to think about it in terms of the animal in question, I would honestly choose for my child to be a mythological creature than a snake. I don't like snakes and not for any religious or symbolic preference but simply because I have never been fond of reptiles. It makes it rather fun too, doesn't it, to be able to say "I'm a Dragon" than "I'm a Snake"?

Being the kind of crazy person that I am, I must confess that I have actually counted out the number of months to when I can expect to give birth should we be blessed with a child early in our marriage. (The "deadline" is February 9th if my research is accurate.)

The thought amuses me simply for the fact that my parents seem to suddenly have gotten keen on the idea of having a real grandchild, "real" being a reference to a child of direct descent from them. I'm not saying I am any less keen on the idea but as with the wedding, they both appear more anxious over the whole thing compared to me or my husband.

All the more when more traditional Chinese friends have expressed the notion of the perceived increase in luck the child will receive in these years of the Water Dragon and Water Snake. Note that my side of the tree is not a traditional Chinese family nor even a Chinese family at all.

What I've questioned regarding the matter, to be honest, is how prepared are we to have a little one?

My friend Viv (there's a link to her blog via my Friends page!) and I discussed this a few nights ago and I'm surprised I didn't think of her very sensible answer:

"God will bless you with one when you are ready."

And arriving when its parents are ready, I think, is what will make our child truly blessed.

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