Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Conversations #1: The misplaced harddrive

Last night, when I was going over our wedding photos, I realised the reason Clio, my computer, has been so slow was that I no longer have enough space for all my programs and files to move around in. This was brought home when, during a file transfer of our wedding photos, I suddenly received a "Girl, you have way too much stuff in your harddrive!" pop-up. (Obviously I took creative license there.)

So I hunted for my external harddrive, Tristan, so I could move things from Hestia, my internal harddrive, out.

Cut in the interest of giving you the option to stop or keep going.

I asked my husband, "Do you know where Tristan is?"

Him: Nope.

Me: I wonder where Tristan went.

Him: With Isolde?

Isn't my husband wonderful?

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