Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just one of those things #2: Bad Day

I'm just feeling very defeated right now.

I've never been good at choosing my battles, only choosing the side I ought to be on. I do feel the daily challenges forcing me to choose what's easy versus choosing to be Faithful--no-brainer there--and each time, a part of me starts thinking, "Oh it will be easier the next time around" but it never is.

Cynics would probably say "This is why you should just go the easy way around," except...why?

No matter how much I might complain about one thing or another, I haven't stopped believing that each moment, good or bad, is a blessing. It's the challenges that help, sometimes force, us to grow and those moments of triumph are the chances for a snatch of respite.

I don't believe we were built to be creatures of complacency even if we might often be given to periods of self-satisfaction. I know I'm prone to that--it is potentially my greatest weakness. I've had fewer episodes of that over the years but every now and then the Lord reminds me to keep an eye and ear out.

This would have been a woefully unproductive day if not for the clothes I managed to wash. The weather has not been fully cooperative but thank you for the breeze that's bringing in the scent of fresh laundry throughout the house.

Someday when my children are old enough they'll probably see me doing the same thing I did this morning: sit at my desk and cry. When they ask me why I'm crying I'll tell them "It's because I'm having a bad day." When I stop crying and they ask why I'll tell them "Because God told me it will all be okay."

And I know it will be.

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