Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Best Thing

I am suddenly hit with the temptation to change that title to "The Sweetest Thing" instead, having been reminded of the U2 song.

But enough of that.

I mentioned in another blog that, since our wedding, the next questions we've been bombarded with were either

a) "How does it feel to be married?" or
b) "When do you plan to have kids?"

Again, and I cannot emphasize this enough, those questions do not offend me in the least. In fact, they amuse me because it reflects the general concern and curiosity of our loved ones (friends and family) regarding our plans now that we've tied the proverbial knot.

To answer "How does it feel to be married?" is, to me, like saying that I never imagined being in this situation with the man I happily and proudly call my husband. It doesn't really feel that much different from when we were first dating, only that I am now getting used to signing a new name and the responsibilities of greatest import that we have now are to each other.

Above everything, his title of greatest importance is as my spiritual partner: the person whom God chose to remind me to stay strong and keep believing in times when my frailty kicks in.

This is the best change we've made so far, I believe. That we now spend some quiet time in prayer together. It's a little creepy if I think about the inspiration for the idea but eventually, I want our quiet times to evolve into family sharing times as in The Giver by Lois Lowry.

For now it's just us. And the occasional kitty cat wondering why the heck we're being so still.

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