Tuesday, 1 September 2015

When you can't stand not working

I had a prenatal check up last week and one of the most interesting things that came up in conversation with my regular obstetrician's reliever was the recovery time it takes post Caesarian section.

This is not to say that I will definitely be getting the operation done. But I am preparing myself for the possibility anyway.

I have to admit I am grateful that recovery apparently will not take as much time as I expected it would. From what I understood, however, I can expect to need to slow down for about two or three months? And I cannot do that at home. Can you imagine, though, having to leave the house every single day just to keep yourself rested?

I am so sure that I cannot do this at home for one major reason: our house is still a disaster area. Not a joke. We have had so much work done to the house that there has been much that was moved around and displaced, and eventually, piled up into various boxes of junk that just kept occupying the rooms that are not actually in use. (Yes, we have a couple of those, too.)

Now that we've got one little one, and another on the way, I'm in a mild state of panic over the space all this junk is occupying and that, more than anything else, is the reason I cannot ever completely relax at home. I see a pile of junk, particularly if I know it belongs mostly to me, I need to fix it up somehow. And it takes me ages to sort through things because, yes, I do admit I am a packrat and a highly sentimental one at that. It's the main reason why, when I do get rid of things, I need to make it a quick and final move, else I'll never let anything go.

Case in point: toys.

I have a bunch of old toys that have been stashed for the longest time and pretty much forgotten. Thankfully, my godmother has a charity to bring them to and many of those old toys will be going to beneficiaries of that charity. Sadly, since many were stashed for so long, about half of the toys I'm willing to let go of are actually headed for recycling and not new homes. -.-

What about the other half, you may wonder? Well, some of them I've allowed my son to play with, on the understanding that after all the care I gave them, they may be destroyed in a matter of days.

I've heard comments of "That would be so sad if they were destroyed! You should keep those old toys!" To which I've replied, "What's sad is if I keep them and they never see the light of day again. I'd rather see them destroyed by my child because he played with them, than discover they were destroyed from being neglected."

And that's what I see myself doing should I need to stay at home to rest. Opening box after box and trying to get things fixed and organized. I already experienced extended bleeding time though, thanks to my desire to get back on track with the household chores when I had my firstborn; if I go through a Caesarian section with my second, fixing things up would be counted as strenuous activity. *sigh* How impractical to have to leave the house to get my rest!

So here I am, hoping that it doesn't work out the way I am imagining at the moment. And until such time I need to be at the hospital, I will get as much as I can done and out of the way. I probably won't finish before I give birth but progress is always good.

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