Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The one thing I take back

Reorganising and re-classifying some old posts has made me realise there actually is one thing that I take back when it comes to things I said I refuse to deal with as a parent: strollers.

It's not that I gave up on baby carriers in fact, I have a whole collection of baby carriers. We did find out something very important about our first child that I did not count on: he didn't like most of his baby carriers.

Was I surprised? Yes. I was very much surprised by the fact.

I did not ever consider that a child might not want to be placed in a carrier with so many people wearing baby carriers--some, I discovered, rather haphazardly. Most babies seemed happy enough to just be tucked into a carrier while the parent or caregiver went about their business.

But no. Not my son. My little boy wanted to be carried but not in a carrier. Not in any kind of carrier.

So ultimately, out came the stroller which carried everything for us except the child. For a long time anyway. We often laughingly called our stroller a glorified shopping cart as it would serve to assist us in carrying our bags and anything we may have purchased, usually from the department store (we never brought it in the supermarket just because it was too much of a hassle to have a stroller while purchasing our household supplies.

Until now we bring our stroller nearly everywhere whenever our son is with us on our trips out. It has his diaper bag hanging off the back, his snacks and drinks in the basket, and when he is in the mood to ride instead of walk, our son.

I wonder now what our second child will choose. Of course our baby carriers are ready and waiting to snuggle yet another little one. And we are currently in the process of looking into getting the accessory for our stroller to allow it to carry a newborn. And as always, I wonder how big brother will react when he sees someone else occupying his (soon-to-be) old stroller and he trades his seat for a much lighter-weight one.

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