Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Getting the feeling back

Last Sunday, I submitted the first feature article I've written in a very long time...two years if memory serves. Complete with photos, too, which is part of what I aim to train for as a writer.

I've been doing freelance work for various clients for a few years now. It's not been my steadiest work--my involvement in our businesses and investments has still been the greater focus along with the care of our firstborn. This time around though, I'd like to give a little bit more attention to the "Career" part of my tag, "The Career Housewife".

It shan't be the easiest thing to do, that much I am sure of. I've got a toddler and a newborn to mind and even with the help I have in my arsenal, I will always be their primary caregiver and the one they will seek for comfort and attention, especially for the younger one. I've seen it done so I know it will work but I cannot help but be terrified of it happening just because I will be the one doing it.

Lately I've been developing the habit of writing for about eight hours weekly. If I'm to make a serious career out of writing, I estimate this is actually more than enough time for me to accomplish the regular loads I used to take from one of the people who hired me for article writing. I'm still giving myself the chance to be flexible about it; I generally split the eight hours throughout the entire week instead of treating it like a full day job. I feel it will be easier for me to fit it into my routine this way, and I can later adjust it depending on the workload that I take on.

I'm still weighing my options on where and what I can write for. And by the time my newborn's sixth month rolls around, I'll be preparing myself to take on slightly heavier loads by resuming my photography training.

The point of the whole matter was actually to work towards my goal to write for the National Geographic magazine, for which it is a massive advantage to be able to write articles and take your own photos. But now I'm not so sure what goal I'm actually working towards.

I know I want to keep writing. I don't know if I want to be a book author or an article writer. I'm actually quite good at doing both.

I also know that I want to keep up with my other artistic work, primarily photography--I never really aspired to make a career out of being a painter.

And then there are my other passions but we will get into those another time since they're not quite part of my career plans.

For now I suppose I will just keep writing. I'll make all my applications official two months after I've given birth. I need to get back into the rhythm anyway and for that I need to know what kind of personality our second child has that I may adjust my workload to both children accordingly. As I said yesterday, I want to continue to be as hands on with the second as I was with the first so that continues to be my priority.

Good luck to me!

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