Tuesday, 22 September 2015

In the matter of discipline

So far, I believe it's working, this attempt of mine to try and spread out my writing, whether for blog purposes, work, or fun, throughout eight hours in a week. It doesn't feel like it's something I need to do; spreading it out and being flexible with how long I do it keeps it fun. And I'm one of those people who needs to keep seeing work as something fun.

I first got the idea of writing a little something every day from a college professor. It's not an exercise for everyone but if it works, then by all means, right? And it works well for me.

Aside from writing though, I've also been organising and editing some old pieces. I shan't be reproducing them here. They're frankly too much of an embarrassment although I know that once upon a time, I thought they were great. (That was just a little over ten years ago.)

My co-writers and I have had our laughs and moved on. ^_~

I used to keep a little notebook filled with notes and snippets of stories in my bag. I don't even know anymore how many of these little notebooks I've got, nor do I recall where many of them are, hahaha! But somehow, there's this bit of magic to them, too. By writing everything down, I recall most of the things that are mere background details for characters we created. Parts of their history that don't quite come out in the short stories we've recorded, but ones that are integral to their personalities.

There are also ideas that never quite fly.

It actually wasn't until I'd made a return to keeping inked pens and notebooks in my bag that I began drafting stories and shorts using pen and paper. And no matter what they say about digital versus handwritten, I'm very glad for my digital output mainly because I am that kind of person who will erase or throw everything away on a whim, just because I was not satisfied with the outcome of the piece. I am guilty of over editing myself.

So I suppose that's my next challenge as far as writing is concerned. To write, finish writing, and worry about the editing later. Especially now that I've been reminded of how I would keep a version 1.0 to 1.4 then suddenly shift to a version 2.0.

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