Friday, 18 September 2015

Product Review: Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash with Honey

Last week I received this lovely little surprise care package from Belle de Jour and Olay Philippines. I said I would begin using it over the weekend which, truth be told, the use for which began Sunday night. I've been a late afternoon to evening bather lately so commentaries and observations will stretch from the afternoon or evening of the previous day to the morning of the next. Mornings I tend to just do a quick shower to wash my hair so effects of products I use the night before tend to linger.

Here we go.

DAY ONE, 13-14 September
I gave myself a sugar scrub on my elbows, knees, and the bikini area, rinsed that off, and then lathered up using the Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash with Honey.

Let's talk scent. It was a lovely, soft sweetness that did not overpower my senses and make me wish that I'd used a different body wash instead. No, really, there are some body washes that have this effect on me that I really seriously want to just toss them right in the bin (I'm looking at you, Victoria's Secret). There was a very faint musk to it, if I am naming my scents correctly, with minor notes that I can only describe as floral. Very, very pleasant to bathe with.

I'm also not a loofah or any kind of scrubber girl. I like working the lather in with my hands and really feeling the body wash (or soap if I'm using soap) slide across my skin. The body wash itself is creamy and goes on almost like lotion and once the lather builds up, it forms very fine bubbles that are dense enough to keep up the illusion of lotion application.

Immediately after rinsing, I could feel the difference. I'm not in the habit of putting lotion on after bathing--I know, I know, I should but I don't--but my skin felt extra smooth and moisturised anyway, more so in the areas that were given the sugar scrub treatment.

By morning, my skin still felt like silk. Not a joke. It did. It's already lunch time as I write this and I still feel that silkiness.

DAY TWO, 14-15 September
No sugar scrubs today. Which reminds me, I should share that wonderful sugar scrub recipe. It feels great on the skin and is so easy to make that my mom has decided to give it to her friends as a random gift, haha.

I just remembered that my sense of smell is slightly impaired by my colds. I wonder if I will enjoy the scent of the body wash as much once I've recovered?

For now, I love it. I really do. There's a minimal difference as far as my skin texture is concerned since it's only been two days. Now, if only Olay were cruelty-free, I may be willing to make a purchase once I've finished off the bottle I've got!

DAYS THREE AND FOUR, 15-17 September
I failed to record yesterday's observations because I was too busy running errands for most of the day but here's what I've noticed:

First, my sense of smell has partially returned and I still love the scent. What I described to be on the floral side seems to be the sweetness coming from what they deemed the appropriate "honey scent" which I think is quite nice. And I didn't notice before that the scent lingers for at least half an hour before it slips off my olfactory radar. I should ask my husband if he notices the scent beyond that half hour.

Speaking of husbands though, mine is suitably impressed by the smoothness of my skin. Remembering that I am not the lotion type of girl (which, as I mentioned above, I should train myself to use) he would definitely notice the difference because I do know that my skin is typically on the drier side though not to the level of blatant flaking. The dry spots near my elbows have almost completely vanished and I think it's from the combination of the sugar scrub and this body wash.

Great job, Olay!

DAY FIVE, 17-18 September
It was so hot today!

But my skin did not feel sticky at all. It was a very lovely feeling to be sweaty but not sticky. That is probably the biggest difference I've noticed of the effects of this body wash.

I'll be continuing my use of the product until it runs out and reviewing it for more or less an entire month. I'll be giving birth soon, though, so I may occasionally miss a bath or two but I will definitely track the day's events so I can properly document everything. ^_^

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