Friday, 4 September 2015


It's been a very long time since I was last here regularly. I'm trying to find mine again.

I restarted as I always have: rather shallowly, speaking of whatever is "of the moment", whether the thoughts were complete or not. It something that I learned from being in Creative Writing: JUST WRITE.

Motherhood has been the biggest game changer with regard to my blogging. I cannot seem to stop myself from talking constantly about being a mom, the things that have changed for me, and really, anything related to feeling even just a little bit more like myself pre-motherhood and combining that with being a mom. Oh and activities! Various activities that I want to do with my kids, parenting, opinions on how to raise kids...

Really, the list goes on.

It's not that motherhood is the only thing going on for me right now. It just happens to be the only one I can actually talk about openly since the rest involves work and business. That stuff I can only discuss once things have been settled and even then, only in limited detail, primarily as a form of promotion or advertising. (Of course, if you are my friend on Facebook, or a follower on Twitter, you can get occasional, detail-less hints on what is going on with me. Passive-agressive much? No, not really. But sometimes it just needs some form of outlet and it is usually only my close personal friends who see those types of posts.)

So here I am now. Looking for that voice I lost. The one that would geek out on comic books, books, art, photography, and writing. Oh and baking! We must not for get about that. I know there are so many different opinions on how to be a good parent to your kids and I feel this is part of what I need to do to be a good mother to mine: to figure out where I am now beyond being a mom, beginning with yesterday's declaration of starting this new journey.

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