Saturday, 1 December 2012

Keeping up with the times

I've raved before about the Belle de Jour planner and just recently signed up for their new project, the BDJ Box . It's their take on those boxed product samplers, pre-paid for, usually, and automatically shipped to clients so they can test samples of different products on the market to help novices (such as myself) explore new things, and introduce seekers, addicts--okay, enthusiasts ^_~--and pros to what's new.

My main purpose was to gain access to the reviews and tutorials but I'm still on the fence on whether or not I actually want to order the box itself.

The hesitation comes partly from all the warnings about certain products being potentially harmful to fetuses and I'm lazy about reading through craploads of ingredients just to zero in on that one thing that I shouldn't be putting on my skin, just in case. I'm not overly paranoid, mind. But if I can avoid doing or wearing things that can potentially be harmful, I'm going to.

I have no use for such girly things.
My main reason for hesitating is my commitment to switch over as many of the products I use to natural/organic and ideally cruelty-free brands. I'm not particularly strict with myself about this mind; medication and cleaning products I'm kind of on the fence on since both humans and animals benefit from these items and they do have to be safe for both. I'm definitely being particular about cosmetics though because really, what use would an animal have for lipstick and powders?

It's not a very easy move to make, consciously switching to certified cruelty-free products from regular market items. I've chosen to give away a good deal of the things I stopped using since finding out I'm pregnant and replaced them with ones that I'm sure are safe but there are still so many things around the house that make me feel I'm somehow betraying the same cause I choose to support.

I'm not condemning people who choose to use non-certified cruelty-free products. I'd be the last to do that, to be honest, unless we're very good friends in which case I would tease you about it and perhaps engage in a debate over pros, cons, and other related topics. This is, after all, a completely personal choice and one that, thankfully, my husband supports.

I admit I still have and use products that are listed on the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Companies that Do Test on Animals file. And again, this is not an overnight change. I'm making the switch as quickly as I can manage without stressing myself out over the whole process.

I do understand why it is done, safety and all that. But there are Companies that Don't Test on Animals that have proven their products safe and effective through alternative means. Particularly cosmetics and my involvement with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society has only made the conviction to make the switch stronger.

I do find it encouraging that more and more cosmetic brands are making the change too. Whether it's prompted by their own initiatives or customer comments, the fact that it's being done at least gives the hope that people actually do care.

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