Monday, 17 December 2012

In the interest of the most precious parent commodity

I will bet that I will lose more of it when Bean arrives than I have already lost.

Let me say, first of all, that I do my best work late at night. That's the time when the house is completely quiet, I do not have to answer the phone, run errands, or worry about what time I need to start preparing and cooking food.

My nights involve sitting quietly at my desk, browsing the web, getting up to speed with friends and family, checking e-mail, and yes, blogging.

In a few weeks this will all change and I am sure I will readily give everything else up just so I can get some shut eye in between feeding and changing times.

This is the why I saved this article, I think. Perhaps somewhere deep down, something inside me knew this would come in handy and maybe, just maybe, it'll help both myself and little Beanie get settled and acquainted with each other more amicably.

To sum it all up, the article suggests:
  1. Stick to a routine sleep schedule. This is fairly easy for me as I've already started doing this. I've set a "wake up" alarm, and a "go to sleep" alarm. I may sometimes be off by 30 minutes but routine is slowly being established.
  2. Limit naps to 30 minutes. Hard for me, this one. I take a nap these days and I can doze for a full two hours. Perhaps it's the pregnancy, I'm not really sure. But I have indeed noticed a much later urge to go to bed if I've taken a long afternoon nap.
  3. Create a sleep environment. This is probably the most difficult of all since my last act of the day is usually to do precisely what I'm doing now: blog. Or something else that requires a computer. This, of course, is likely to change once the baby arrives.
  4. Darkness is your friend. Oh yes it is.
  5. Choose to midnight munch on something high in protein. The idea being to get a bit of L-tryptophan to produce melatonin..
  6. Learn relaxation techniques.
  7. If you must use sleep aids, try things that are known to be calming or soothing like lemon balm and chamomile.
  8. The bedroom is for things commonly associated with bedtime. Like sleep. And babies.
  9. Don't stress over the inability to fall asleep. 
  10. Don't pressure yourself to fall asleep.

As admitted, I'm not the best example of someone who follows this method.

Obviously, this was a far as anyone is concerned. But this is typical me: I work until I fall over sleeping on my desk. But we're aiming for a lifestyle change especially with the baby coming. Soon. And the ability to sleep well becomes increasingly more important.

Here's hoping that this works well for us. Especially since stressing over checking on the baby will be eliminated by this

Yes. And take note that at the bottom under secure it says "designed to help minimize adult roll-overs." Perfect for the daddy-to-be.

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