Monday, 24 December 2012

Hurdle to prepare for 3.0: Traveling with a baby

This early and I'm already thinking about traveling with Bean? Oh, definitely.

Granted, by the time this posts, I could very well already be in the hospital, waiting to welcome him into the world. If I am, then that means I will be having my first experience traveling with a baby within 24 to 48 hours.

But putting that aside.

Probably the first carrier that Bean will be riding in is this

with much thanks from his cousins Robyn and Sasha who owned this before him. Just a short two years ago originally. I know there's an "expiry date" to these things and this is estimated to be good for use until 2015. ^_^

It was clean when I got it but because of the construction going on here at home plus the cats, I wasn't so sure it was that clean anymore so I washed it and now it smells fresh and clean again and ready for its next occupant.

After that is this:

Baby wearing the old-fashioned way.

I didn't take pictures of the contents of the instruction manual but oh how I love that it has an instruction manual. Plus, by using this, I have a dual purpose carrier plus nursing cover.

I did say that this momma likes multi-purpose products.

I bought this via Mama.Baby.Love. but SaYa has many other distributors and carriers. :) Available stocks would vary, of course, but there you go.

And, because of my frustration over our inability to find the kind of crib I want, and because I think bassinets and Moses baskets are too short-lived to be worth spending on--not to put down those who like them, this is merely a statement of personal opinion--I was so pleased to have found this

because it not only travels well, but it will also eliminate the stress of
  • having to get up to go to another room, or even just the foot of the bed to check on the baby/feed the baby
  • waking up to silence and wondering if the baby is okay
  • struggling to get up fast enough to get to the baby if the baby is crying and obviously not okay
The little mattress it comes with is waterproof, by the way, eliminating the need for a waterproof sheet. The mattress itself is fairly thin but quite comfy, and the design incorporates both airflow and side bumpers. Note also the little foot guard which can fold out completely to accommodate a larger baby.

So, why is this still a hurdle to prepare for? Easy: this is all theoretical. I'll be revisiting this once we've tested the theory and proven whether or not it works.

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