Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My first shop front!

I have taken my third step and opened an online store!

I mentioned here that I do aim to work from home. Actually, make that build a personal empire from home. (Thank you, Ara Fernando, for the awesome idea of calling it that. An empire, I mean.)

It took me a week and a few days to set things up, starting with converting my account into a seller's account and getting the layout done up the way I wanted. And then there were the stocks. Admittedly, the stocks look rather pathetic right now with mostly just one item on-hand for many of them and a lot already sold out but I've spent the past two months selling offline which meant I was better off going on a pre-order basis rather than stocking up.

Which I will now that I have this store front. :)

I decided to stick to the same "Career Housewife" handle just to make my online presence more unified. Plus, having mentioned that I intend to build up this empire from home, I don't see why I shouldn't stick to the name. After all, this is officially the point where I actually do start building a career out of being a housewife!

The tag line "Sharing and selling things I love and things I make" is the opening for my plans to re-incorporate my kitchen goodies into the mix. So along with (cruelty-free!) personal care products, I'll be putting up, hopefully by my birthday next year or close to it, my old line-up of sweet and savory goodies. And I may finally be able to get around to that pet treat line I always wanted to have. :3

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