Monday, 17 December 2012

Hurdle to prepare for 2.0: Cloth Diapering and Swaddling

The little treasures just keep coming in as the due date looms ever closer. Of course, that is not due to anything other than the fact that I purposely waited until the last months to really get his gear ready. In fact, the only things I haven't washed yet are the bottles and related feeding paraphernalia from his older cousin.

The hospital bag has been packed, and today, the stuff I ordered online arrived!

Just last Wednesday, we bought this little stack of nappies (by "little" I mean we only bought a dozen so far)

and  these super super soft blankets!

And yes, you are seeing it correctly.

Yes, there is pink, and there is floral. There is nothing more masculine than the ability to pull off pink and floral. And nothing cuter than a baby wrapped in red. Like the Christmas present that our little Beanie is. :D

Of course, I probably made my life a nightmare by going ahead and buying a 30"x30" blanket for the purpose of swaddling and, of course, as a blanket. I figure by the time he gets too big for this size, we'll have found a better size--or have sewn up some as the case might be, given that his grandmas and I aren't exactly slouches in the sewing department. (It just takes his momma longer because his momma sews by hand. ^_~)

Either way, I'm not about to buy into that instant swaddler trend. Why? Because I'll have to buy consecutively bigger and bigger sizes, that's why. And these blankets? They can be used for loads of other things in a pinch. Like burp cloths, or just a general surface cover.

This momma likes multi-use products. Plus, I already learned how to swaddle from watching some videos--obviously, it'll be different once theory is put into practice, but I'm happy enough with that knowledge.

Second: Yes, yes, oh yes, I dare to go cloth. Traditional cloth. Oh there will be a lot of learning involved, a lot. But I am willing to go there. And because I am, my husband will too. Especially during the period when I'll be the baby's exclusive food source, that will be his task. =P

Originally wanted to go for modern cloth diapers all the way, not thrilled at all by the idea of using safety pins that might pop and prick either myself or my baby. But among our little goodies (no photo yet though) were two sets of diaper clips from Sasha and Robyn so we're good on that.
I'm now gathering video tutorials for myself and my husband on how to fold flat cloth diapers. I don't know why I even have a vague memory of how it's done but I do.

Oh but these. These were the highlight of my day. I'll need to order more inserts, but look what came in the mail!

Above is the entire package. I'll discuss that second item labelled "SaYa" in another entry. But look at those nappies!

I cannot get over how soft those are. Truly truly. So soft that I want to just lay my head down and rub my cheek on it. Just like a soft, fluffy pillow. Mmmmmmmm...

Of course, with this type of nappy, I have to figure out how to fix it so that it is on properly but under the umbilical stump. Oh but it will be perfect for night time and travel, I bet. I'll be ordering more inserts soon, but the three we have right now, plus the insert pouches (see below) should be enough for now.

Just to feed the completionist in me, the next two photos are a combination of several items but bits of them involve diapering too so...

The Lullaby wipes are, as stated on the label, biodegradable and flushable. A plus for travel time. And I've seen that diaper buddy in action and I think it's the most amazing thing ever.

Of course, there's always that little bit of tradition which is what those diaper clips are for. Y'know, just in case I get frustrated by that new-fangled diaper buddy.

I'm actually very excited by this challenge--and looking forward to finally answering the question "Will I, as a parent, mind the smell less because it came from my baby?"

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