Friday, 14 December 2012

Dear Korea, your make-up rocks

I promised a mixture of old and new posts and here's one newer cosmetics trip post.

I was introduced to Korean make-up products quite by accident, to be honest. Former students of my aunt gave her gifts of product samplers, some of which she passed on to me, particularly the fussier ones that she doesn't really use. Hence, my mini collection of BB creams:

By nature, I really don't put a lot of make-up on my face. Whether it's because I'm lazy or I simply don't feel like expending the effort depends on my mood.

Okay, let me say now that yes, I am aware that the BB cream is actually of German origin. I consider it to be a Korean product, however, because they're the ones I've seen milking the heck out of developing the product. Argue with me on that if you wish, but that is my opinion on the matter, especially since the BB cream got on my cosmetics map because of the Korean cosmetics imports.

Why have I suddenly gone crazy over BB creams? Simple: it has helped me mask the imperfections on my skin caused by excess sebum production that seems to be a hormonal after-effect resulting from my pregnancy. I cannot tell you how many people have accused me of having that...let's call it "stereotyped"...pregnancy glow thanks to the use of Missha's M Perfect Cover BB Cream. And I'm not saying this to blow my own horn over the condition of my skin. Believe me, it's never been worse. Oh but this one, so lovely and so perfect for me.

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