Thursday, 6 December 2012

Daily Thanks

I've not done too many dailies lately and I know I keep saying it's because of the baby preps but well, anyone who's a first timer can probably tell you that all the research into preparations and the surprises that come with the whole journey does take its toll.

Or at least it has on me, now that I'm in my final month.

But I wanted to put together a series of posts just because there is so much to be grateful for and though it's a bit late in coming, well, there's nothing wrong with starting whenever the mood hits.

Today's thanks is a bit of a material thing that has since become my most valuable tool for reminders, alarms, shopping lists, Internet, etc. Okay, so it actually is a mobile phone but I don't quite use it as one since I already have two very functional accounts, thankyouverymuch.

I'm not sure I ever mentioned how I got this, so if I did and simply forgot, please excuse me. It's a case of an overloaded brain.

My mother actually got this unit for free with her mobile phone plan. I was setting it up to make it easy for her to use and manipulate but ten to fifteen minutes after I handed it back to her--fully charged and ready to go--she called me and basically said, "I quit. It's yours."

That's the short version of it anyway.

This pristine pink case is not so pristine anymore in fact, parts of the sides have started peeling. Sadly, because this is an old iPhone model (it's a 3G) it's hard to find good cases for it. "Good" being defined as cute, pink, and sturdy.

Nonetheless, I am very grateful to have received it has been such a huge help to me especially in the past months whenever I had to run errands, remind myself of things I need to do, places I'd been (yes, that's what FourSquare means to me) so I can track what I did in the past weeks, and make lists of things I need to take care of myself and prepare to welcome our little one.

Yes, I do have my paper planner. But when you're carrying a shoulder bag and pushing or carrying a cart, paper planners can be cumbersome and this one I can just hook onto my finger.

Where's my husband in all of this madness, you ask?

In the food court. I prefer to shop by myself since I normally wind through aisles and floors like crazy and he tends to get lost, absentmindedly pushing the cart, thinking he's still right behind me when sometimes he's not anymore, all because he's reading a book while I browse. =P Shopping by myself is easier on both of us--I just call him to come meet me at the counter so he can carry the bags for me. XD

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