Friday, 30 November 2012

Cool Showers

It's not summer but the combination of weather and pregnancy hormones has made me feel like this is the most scorching heat I've been in since I was in Australia in late 2003.

I know I generally pimp Human Nature more (naturally, since I am a Human Nature dealer and I can earn extra by getting people to purchase through me ^_~) it's not the only natural/organic brand I use.

Giga is another favourite brand that I've been using on and off in the past year. Mostly it's my pets who benefit from Giga products--I am a huge fan of their Pet Balm--but browsing through Sesou brought this Peppermint Soap to my attention.

This 140g bar of peppermint soap (purchased at PhP 75.00) lasted  me a month. I tend to use soap rather conservatively, in my opinion--I dampen my skin, lather up, and start scrubbing. I don't keep the soap soaked in water to keep producing bubbles/lather and only scrub on a bit more of the soap if I feel there isn't enough on my skin already. So the one-month use could be more or less for other people, just to point out. ^_^

For the amount of soap and cost, I'd say that was quite worth it though. I was able to use up every bit of the soap, down to the last sliver and because of its hardness, it didn't melt into my soap container at all. Except for a little of the damp portions of the soap that is and it did dry quickly too. Very little wasted.

It has coconut oil and olive oil alongside the cooling peppermint, but for all the soothing and cleansing it does, it also made my skin feel rather dry and taut after rinsing. (And by the way, it rinses very easily.) It's not so bad if you're a habitual user of lotion, and I suppose it was good for me in that sense since it did push me to apply lotion all over after my bath. Still, I tend to find that "squeaky clean" feeling kind of uncomfortable and there's the soap scum left by the rinsed off lather to deal with afterward too.

Over all, I do like the product. It stays cool up to about half an hour after bathing which is soothing enough for me but I'm still looking out for better formulations.

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