Monday, 5 November 2012

No, really, I'm that big?

Just a quick one for the night, having been generally busy with offline preparations for the coming of the little one.

For reasons of privacy because this was an event at which we were guests and not the hosts, I have blurred out all the other people in the photo. ^_^ It may seem silly but I honestly do not know how they'd feel about being on my blog so we err on the side of silly. ^_~

I would like to say that I don't feel fat or huge or anything despite knowing that I must be quite big by now, going into my 8th month. But this photo made me laugh and grimace at the same time--mainly because my arm looks as big as my thigh--as I hadn't realised how big "big" was until I saw it. I haven't taken any recent belly photos yet so this has been my first pregnancy photo since the last one I shared.

My width at this 3/4 angle has made me realise what others see. I look so disproportionate with my face being about the same size as it normally is. The only transition point, really, is my husband's arm across my shoulders.

So there we go. Me at 31 weeks. Enjoy!

P.S. As a bonus, here's a shot of yesterday's rainbow that I took as I exited the coffee shop where my husband and I were taking a little post-book hunt coffee break.

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