Monday, 3 September 2012

July-August Retrospective

First, for any regular visitors to my blog, my apologies for the very sudden disappearance. Ever since I got my iPhone, I've allowed myself to be completely preoccupied with housework, inclusive of chores and long-overdue cleaning, disposal, recycling, and organising.

I meant to have posts pre-written and ready for posting to keep my blog running and active, I swear I did. I even re-thought the whole post topic schedule! But life being what it is, I suppose I simply lost track. I will try not to do it again but in case it happens this month too, I will very openly claim the excuse of "pregnancy brain." Hahaha.

(Sorry, people who must hate hearing that when someone is being absent-minded and just happens to be pregnant.)

In case you were wondering, the pregnancy is going very well. I'm rather pleased about already showing--it took me well over half the full term to really look pregnant and not just...well, that I raided our fridge, pantry, and freezer all in one go. My first baby has decided to go easy on me and I count myself lucky to be having as easy a time of it as I am.

The past month has been filled with pure domestic bliss. As I mentioned, I've been cleaning, disposing, recycling, and organising pretty much everything all over the house. Some may call it "nesting." I say it's something I should have done a long, long time ago.

Just because I said "bliss" doesn't mean the past month hasn't been as stressful as it has been happy. In fact, I told my husband that I feel like there's a direct co-relation between my level of happiness and level of stress. Everything this past year has been about learning and adjusting. Those who believe that living together means automatic marital bliss cannot be more mislead. I thought that way before and I have learned that the process of learning about each other and adjusting to each other changes dynamics completely once the titles "husband" and "wife" have been acquired and now, we are also preparing for the titles "father" and "mother."

To that end, I have been making something of a study of how our household flows to see how I really wish to handle things. I have begun putting things away in an order that pleases my own aesthetics; I fear this desire to have things done my way will only become stronger over time which does not exactly bode well in a household managed by three women. My desires have generally been followed but the uncomfortable situation hasn't quite been eased.

I have also begun teaching my husband little things that are normally designated as being of the "female domain" such as hanging up the laundry. I told him that there are things that people would normally equate to being as a woman's job that I want even our sons to learn because I personally find it to be both manly and practical to know how to properly change bedding, for example, or segregating laundry.

It has been very tough for me to balance my work mentality with my domestic mentality when all I really want right now is to fulfill the housewife part of my handle. However, that will not do given that my out-of-home career is just as important and is what we need to make our lives comfortable. True that I am one spoiled little princess and under normal circumstances, I would prefer my husband to bear the sole responsibility for the business side of everything. Doing that would make me entirely restless though, and really quite unhappy. I like a good dose of balance and while my fulfillment is at home, I can't bear too much routine and potential for stagnation.

Incidentally, I have very few to no photos to show for all the things that have happened in August. To be honest, most of my photos involve two primary subjects: pets and food. But I will share what I can for the sake of amusement and really, because I can.

This page will be very image heavy, just so you already know. It will not be a pure photo page; I'll be including some captions unlike my normal photo page just so there are stories included. Since those photos were not designed to speak for themselves, I feel the need to tell and not just show. Besides, it's a collection worth a month of Instagram photos--I am so addicted--so each day is also its own story.

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