Friday, 21 September 2012


I've said before that I wanted to blog again primarily to hone my nonfiction skills and keep myself writing. Taking the blogging more seriously this time, pending of course the natural "distractions" of daily offline life, I've spent the past month and a half studying the changes and potential changes that will occur once I've given birth.

Other mom bloggers I follow and read set schedules for their blog times which I hadn't followed yet; I figured I didn't need it. Now I think I really do and I've decided to incorporate it into my "Me Time" schedule.

Makes sense right?

The blog integration will still go on--I have so many beauty finds that I want to share! I know it won't always work for everyone but then one never knows what will and won't work unless it's shared and tried.

I will still have my daily topic schedules. I'll probably streamline it somewhat to include various aspects of my life treated as separate subjects from my more personal posts which you can almost always count on every night.

I find I mind less and less what precisely I share, just that I am more cautious about what I do and don't mention. Maintaining privacy still and all, especially when there are photos involved that include people other than myself, my husband, some friends who are also active online, and of course my favourite subjects: our pets, and food.

Discipline will be key here, something I've never really been all that good at, but becoming a mum and all, I ought to learn some time, right?

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