Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dear Bean #2: Caution

16 June 2012

Dear Bean,

It has been a week since we confirmed your presence in our lives.

I will be honest and say I'm as apprehensive about your arrival as I am excited. Right now I am doing all I can to keep you safe and both of us strong, healthy, and comfortable. I need to get into the habit early so when you get bigger, I'll be used to adjusting to you.

I've started window shopping for your things. Boy am I happy that Papa and I intend to have more than just one baby because your baby things are expensive! I always knew that having a little gremlin* would cost a lot but this is still shocking to me. No matter; when I prayed to the Lord to bless us with your presence, my only request was for him to grant you to us when we will be able to support you. I can't say we're at that point right now but I know we will be able to by the time you'll be nearing delivery. We can see that things are starting to fall into place, Papa and I just need to finalise the plan of action.

At this point, if I am to believe the folk superstitions of both Korea and the Philippines, all signs point to you being a boy. Though I crave both sweet and sour food, I have a particular desire to nibble on kamias--sadly, our kamias tree is not bearing as much fruit as I'd like--and according to Korean beliefs, a mother craving sour food will have a boy. Local beliefs, on the other hand, say that the mother will be or feel her ugliest when bearing a son. Putting it mildly, I have not had so many blemishes on my face since I was nine.

I'm not complaining, of course. I am happy to have you and this is merely a source of amusement for me. Granted, oiling up like a teenager is nothing to laugh at--even your grandmother has noticed the blemishes--it's nonetheless a sign that you are progressing as expected, I just have to bear with the side effects, no matter how unfortunate.

I don't think you can hear them yet but we have been preparing your feline and canine siblings for your arrival. Yuki is already jealous but she knows she will have to learn to cope. You already have two bodyguards ready and waiting...if Baxter won't be scared out of his wits by you. He might not be considering how often he lays his head next to my belly. I'm sure they can all already smell you; I bet your scent is unique even though you're still inside my body.

Most people still find it hard to believe you're there because it doesn't show yet but in two more months I expect you'll be growing rapidly and depriving me of the pleasure of wearing most of my clothes, hahaha. It's a good thing pregnancy clothes have gotten prettier but now I need to buy more flat shoes!

Having you is such a fun excuse to go shopping. But shhh...don't tell your Papa.


P.S. *When you first read this you might not yet be ready to watch the movies--I know it took me a long time before I could even look at previews--but gremlins are cute little creatures that multiply rapidly when wet and can turn into rabid flesh eaters.

I'm not saying you will do the same thing but at some point, seeing how your Papa and I are, I bet you'll do similar things, hahaha.

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